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SAWA OnPoint
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SAWA OnPOINT:  Partners Organized to Innovate, Navigate and Transform our industry

work groups provide leaders, with similar focus areas and subject matter expertise, the opportunity to develop tools, innovative ideas, best practice recommendations and educational content.

If you have interest in joining any of these discussions, send your interest with (ONLY) your name, title, organization, e-mail, phone and which discussion topic interests you to  If you have interest in the development of additional SAWA OnPOINT, share your thoughts and ideas to us at

SAWA OnPOINT: Achieving Balance
While many organizations are no longer overwhelmed by intake from their communities, others remain inundated to the point that it is difficult to envision a different future.  Leaders of “pre-brink” and “post-brink” organizations create trusting and understanding relationships to serve animals in struggling communities.

SAWA OnPOINT: Animal Care & Control
Focus on the challenges and issue of municipal shelters.

SAWA OnPOINT: Animal Enrichment
Group focuses on the importance of enrichment to reduce stress and improve well-being and resolve barriers to animal enrichment.

SAWA OnPOINT: Annual Giving
Staying fresh, sustaining and building on current relationships, and reaching donors of the future.

SAWA OnPOINT: Board of Directors
Board members and executive leadership focus on board effectiveness, and insights and tools for continual improvement.

SAWA OnPOINT: Business Model of the Future
Explore the mission versus economics question and how organizations are shifting from an operational / financial model, focused on adoptions / adoption fee revenue, to models centered on other activities.

SAWA OnPOINT: Chief Financial Officers
CFOs share issues and work on solutions.

SAWA OnPOINT: Cost Per Animal
Operational professionals and chief financial officers investigate this critical indicator.

SAWA OnPOINT: Effective Legislative Advocacy
Focus on the role SAWA could play in providing useful, non-branded materials for shared use.

SAWA OnPOINT: Emerging Leaders
Focus on what lessons we learned from the past and tools we need to move successfully into the future.

SAWA OnPOINT: Fundraising Walks & Galas
Focus includes effective operations, marketing, increasing revenue, attendance, and community visibility for fundraising walks and galas.

SAWA OnPOINT: Human Resources
Recognize HR trends, changing law(s), leadership / management, succession planning, and effective policies / tools.

SAWA OnPOINT: Managing Culture in Multi-Campus Organizations
CEOs and HR leaders working with multi-campus facilities in different geographic locations, recognizing the significant role of culture.

SAWA OnPOINT: Transport
Members helping other members excel with transport; connecting source and destination shelters.

If you are interested in leading a SAWA OnPOINT work group, please become familiar with these guidelines:

  1. SAWA OnPOINT leaders positions are held by only SAWA Executive or Manager managers; however, participants may be non-members, including those employed within organizations that support the SAWA mission, or vendors to the trade.
  2. SAWA OnPOINT leaders are required to set up and meet with the SAWA OnPOINT members at least once/quarter, and join other leaders and SAWA staff at least once/quarter.
  3. SAWA OnPOINT leaders must have the ability to access the SAWA OnPOINT folder in DropBox (shared SAWA OnPOINT Roster and tools shared within the SAWA OnPOINT team).
  4. SAWA OnPOINT leaders are encouraged to glean helpful information developed by the group and share with other SAWA members, in the form of Blogs, educational sessions, or recommendation for need of a best practice.
  5. All SAWA OnPOINT participants must follow the same ethical guidelines and rules as outlined for SAWA networking groups, including no marketing of products, keeping an open mind and avoiding personal attacks, and to be mindful that anything you say may be posted in a social setting.


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